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You Are The Team

V1 is a decentralised VR racing team dedicated to finding and funding genius talent in Formula 1 TM racing
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Leverage our simulation, psychometric and blockchain AI to discover, develop and manage Formula 1's next genius racing and engineering talent



Build an inclusive, winning VR Team & develop our talent to dominate global Motorsports. 

1.1. Create a career entry point that exponentially increases the talent pool and invest in the next gen talent, a globaly diverse fan base inherently holds. 

1.2. Merge our sim racing and psychometric AI to find the genius drivers and engineers required to win VR (esports) championships. 

1.3. Convert our metrics, models and talent to dominate lower formula racing and manage our talents careers into professional motorsports.


Aon and V1 Logic have worked with over one hundred pro drivers and thousands of engineers to understand racing talent.

Aon - V1 Case Study



Mine blocks to own a stake in V1 Mavericks.

2.1. When sim racers join the team and their computer is normally asleep, it will mine blocks to create and manage their stake in the team and mine crypto to fund their and the teams genius racers contracts. The faster you are the more your contract will be funded, the more you mine the larger your stake in the team.

2.2. Engineers, designers or tech companies who want to be part of the team. The more your IP or resource is used, the larger your stake in the team.


Mining securitises everyones stake in the team and genius team members transfer into real world racing.


Download tools and start mining your stake 



Our computing and people power will build a next generation racing team.

The combination of our members as a collective intelligence, HPC resource, talent pool and motivated owner, will be the basis for a next generation all inclusive and sustainable racing team. Our talent recognition and intergration programmes will manage our VR team's transition into real world racing, Formula 4, 3, 2, and  F1.

Mavericks Race Team



Maverick drivers are already winning virtual reality (VR) and real world (RW) racing championships. We are working at the join of VR and the RW in human performance, blockchain and traditional sports funding to create a sustainable genius racing team 

Within a few years of being founded, Aon Assessments established itself as the most innovative provider of psychometric instruments for talent diagnostics on the web. 

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Based in Bedfordshire, Global provide affordable industrial robots and spare parts worldwide. We work with a huge range of clients, and we sell robotic products from leading manufacturers, including ABB, Kuka and Kawasaki. We also provide full servicing as well as spare parts.

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V1 Logic use simulations and psychometrics to develop drivers in formula racing, from F4-F1. V1 have analysed over 100 professional racing driver's metrics and have an in depth knowledge of the racing mind.

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Team Members

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- VR team is currently over subscribed but please get in touch below. We will be able to expand as the team develops.

- To own a stake in the team please go to the mine tab at the top.

- For traditional driver and team sponsorship inquiries please follow this  link.

Thanks for thinking of V1 Mavericks, someone will contact you shortly.

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