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Mine for stake in V1 Mavericks

Use your computing power to mine and own a stake in the V1 Mavericks

Whilst your computer is asleep it can mine, crypto and blockchain. Combined with traditional sponsoship channels, all our team's gaming PCs' and partners idle HPC resources, we will fund and manage all our talents contracts into professional racing.

NiceHash Mining App

Download NiceHash and your PC will earn crypto currency whilst you're not using it. You can then invest as much as you like in"V1 Mavericks" through Coinbase which we will then convert to fund our talent; Maverick driver and engineering talent contracts of which you own a stake.

What Is Your Stake?

All members mining will earn an equitable stake in V1 Mavericks, our drivers contracts and any future race team holdings. Long term we will partner or build a Race Team to securitise all IP and talent.


Voting rights are based on your stakes percentage of total the funds

Talent Contracts

Drivers and engineers contracted (funded) by the Mavericks, when payed professionally to work in motor racing give back 50% of thier net income until thier career cost is payed back, from then onwards 20% for a further five years (drivers only).

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